Mother's Day Mini

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Where and when?

April 15th 3:30-7:30 in Fanwood, NJ

20 minutes, 3 High Res Images

with the option to purchase more prints, plus canvas or other keepsakes!

If the trees are in bloom and the weather corporates, the shoot may even be outdoors hopefully with the cherry or magnolia blossoms. Either way, this is going to be an awesome, fun experience for Moms and their children, as a mother's day gift. If you would like to include your husband you are more than welcome to.


This should be a day for moms to get pampered, get their hair done, makeup and have a nice shoot and relax. It's a mom's day! Let's relax and celebrate our busy motherhood in style.

My photos are very airy, soft and light with lots of textures. I would like to keep my style in the photos. Part of a great photo is also a wardrobe, I can not emphasize this enough. If moms can coordinate their dress (classy, long and soft, rose, beige or any lighter solid color without a pattern) and their children’s clothes, that would be beautiful. This is, of course, optional. I also like having clothes with texture, like lace, bows, etc as long as it does not have a pattern (no polka dots or stripes please!). It would make a difference for the photos. For smaller girls, (2-6 years) I also have some dresses which are free to use for the shoot. Please, contact me about it before the shoot.

Since some of the best photos are going to be used for promotion purposes, each person needs to sign a model release before the shoot, which can be done electronically and will be sent to you. Looking forward to seeing all the moms and their precious children or even entire family!

Because Mini Sessions are available on a limited basis, all Mini Session bookings are final and non-refundable. They cannot be rescheduled to a new date or time. If you are unable to attend your Mini Session, however, you are welcome to gift or re-sell it to a friend or family member.

Happy Mother's Day to us!!