A short, 10 minutes phone call to get to know you little bit better. The first question Pavlina may ask you are what are your hopes and wishes for this session?  What is it about your children that you want to remember years from now and how do you want to remember it? In an album that can be handed down from generation to generation, in a wall portrait that will make you smile every single day?  From there, we will work together to choose a location and wardrobe to achieve that vision.

Once a date is selected, you will be asked to fill out a client questionnaire/agreement and submit your session fee which covers Pavlina’s time at the session and acts as a retainer to hold your date.



Pavlina has several gorgeous go-to locations that she can suggest during the consultation stage.

We generally schedule these shoots during the “golden hour” about 1.5 hours before sunset when the light is soft and lovely.  This timing may not be ideal for families of young children depending on time of year. 

We can do a mix of posed family portraits and candid, natural images. We may dance, jump, scream, tell secrets and jokes – the goal is to capture your families genuine personality. Our goal is that families are relaxed and are free to be themselves, that they go home with great memories of the time spent together. You’’ll have plenty of images to choose from for your heirloom album or display on your wall. 


These take place in Pavlina’s beautiful, relaxing home studio, fully equipped with professional lighting, props, toys, newborn outfits, headbands, hats and backdrops, and maternity wardrobes. Studio also provides snacks, and coffe in the waiting area with a free Wi-Fi, where older siblings and their families can relax, watch Tv, when Pavlina photographing young ones. Those session usually takes up to one hour and are scheduled during the week days between 10am-2pm.


Pavlina will visit the indoor and outdoor rooms/spaces you'd like to shoot in and determine which will be the most ideal based upon the incoming natural light. As space allows, she can add reflectors and portable lighting when necessary.



During the ordering appointment is in the relaxing sitting area, you will view a slideshow of all the image set to music and Pavlina will walk you through out all the question you may have. You will be able to touch and feel the products as well as see realistic mockups of what the images will look like on the walls of your very own home.  

When you’re ready for an phenomenal experience let me know and I’ll show you what it’s all about! Your memories are worth it!