Framed Portraits


I proudly call myself a “legacy photographer.”  I want everything I create for a client to live with them for a long time and long past them. I attract the clients who want the best of the best, who want an uncompromised product with the highest level of materials, finishes and craftsmanship. Therefore, I am part of the Guild canvas family, producing one of the best museum-quality canvases I have found.

These canvases are different from probably anything you have ever experienced in this industry. My clients notice the difference without even touching them. The best way I can describe these is that they are like furniture for the wall. I always ask clients to “go ahead and touch the canvas,” and I love to see their approach. The way they touch it is like they are reaching over the red ropes at a museum. It is interesting to me, because even before I go over the history and how and why they have been created, they are already treating them like an art piece. You will see the difference, you are more than welcome to come and check it out any time before the  photoshoot or you can see it after, in your viewing session. 

After the session, you will come to the studio and choose your prints. You can get one print or folio box of 6, 12  or 20+ prints, all up to you.  You always get 11x14 or 8x10 mounted, ready to hang fine art print (depends what you choose)  and  corresponding high resolution or and low resolution digital for your own print and for social media. 

At that time, we can start to talk about your wall design. If you to decide to print through me, which I strongly suggest, I will make a computer generated mock-up design of your wall.  I guarantee professional high, long lasting quality prints, which will be true to color and last for your children and grandchildren. You only take home the portraits that you truly love.

My Session Fee is $190 and it includes my time, experience, equipment, and artistic vision to create memories that will last a lifetime. Each session includes a phone or video consultation to discuss details and your vision. Framed Wall Art starts from $400. Most clients spend between $750- $3000” on the session after the purchase of prints and wall art. Our Museum Canvas Starts at $450 and goes to $6000 for 70inch framed and $5300 unframed. We can always get bigger, I can make any sized frame you’re looking for.

Ready for talking about your wall? Let’s talk, meet & create together a lifetime legacy which your family will cherish for generation.
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Pavlina Perry Photography Studio is specializing in photographing glamour/ maternity/family portraits & headshots in NJ/NYC and beyond.
- Art is what makes a house a cozy home.