Virtual Session

Capture Milestones with a Virtual Photo Session Via Zoom!

This is our new normal (or maybe abnormal). My emphasis is being a full service photographer and right now I am booking & selling via zoom. Who would have ever known :) But believe me, it works! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM

What is a zoom photoshoot?

This is something new, exciting, and being done by many photographers right now as we are adapting. This is a virtual photoshoot, therefore you can live literally anywhere in the world! How great is this!! I am getting to know people all around the globe. This is a photoshoot where you, for your convenience and safety, will be in your home, and I will guide and navigate your poses online (via zoom).  We will have a video call prior to the session to develop our ideas and then I will take photography via my screen during the session. This is absolutely fabulous if you are not local to me (or even overseas), pregnant and are worried to hire a studio photographer right now, or for families who just want to do something a little different and capture memories directly at home.

What I love about the virtual shoot, is that we can still create really lovely artistic keepsake images (even if they are low resolution due to the internet connection and computer equipment in your home) despite not having all of the top of the line studio gear at our disposal. You will be amazed at what we can do even without all of the high tech gear.

What will happen before the photoshoot?

We will have a 5-10 minute zoom chat about your ideas and needs for the upcoming photoshoot. You can show me your space via Zoom and we will choose the best location, most likely close to the window and without any clutter.  We will sip coffee/tea virtually and go over the suggestions, outfits, your hair and so on.

Does this replace my full-service studio photography??

No, it does not, the images themselves won’t be crisp and clear like what you are used to when I photograph directly in my studio. It also will be processed in a very different way, and therefore it will have an almost “artsy”, interesting, and special feel. On the other hand, we keep many elements of the two experiences the same. I will guide you and make you feel gorgeous and beautiful and in the end, you will have permanent keepsakes of this time. The result will be an 8x8 fine art print ready for your frame. This Zoom Photo Shoot is going to be almost like a mini experience with me in my studio but in your own home.

How much does it cost?

Packages start at $250 and all packages include your image choice as Black and White 4x4 prints on fine art paper, mounted to an 8x8 mat ready to hang on the wall plus corresponding digital image for your to share with your friends and family. Each image is hand edited and, believe it or not, the entire session process takes a little more time since I am navigating you from the “other side” of the video.  The shortest session runs 30-45 minutes & I hand edit all of the images. I will present you with about 20 images and you will choose the package which suits you best after you see them. After all, I want you to own only what you truly LOVE. You will be able to choose from a 3, 6, and 20 images/print package, it is up to you.

What You will get?

Your images will be printed on 4x4 bright white, fine art 100% Cotton, archival paper and matted to either a black or white archival mat, ready for the frame of your choice. You can get one, or you can get 3, 6 or 20 (entire collection) You will be able to group them on your wall and make a collection from them. I am going to help you with the entire process via zoom. For each print, you will also receive the corresponding digital image for you to share online.

How and why did this zoom photography start?

I am still creating a legacy, documenting your journey for you and for people who you didn’t see for a long time. Something that your family will cherish for the rest of your life. It started with my in-laws, when we were not able to see them on birthdays and on Mother’s Day and I wanted to create something special for them. Something that just captured this time perfectly. My first Zoom Photography was born on Mother’s day and I couldn’t be happier.

Right after, I was asked to do a maternity zoom call for a dear friend who moved to Ohio and is not able to travel to my studio. This was perfect.

We had her husband blowing her hair with a fan for extra movement. We also had photos of both of them together, in their own special time, as she wanted to document her pregnancy not only from a long distance but also in “COVID” time. Those photos will be so precious one day. We have already planned where they will be located on her wall. She is getting four Black and white fine art prints (sized 8x8 with the mat) in a black mat to contrast her white wall, and they will be ready to frame for her. You can also have white, red or deep green mats depending on the style of the house. Just picture this on your wall.. priceless.


1 artistically edited, matted fine art print with a corresponding digital image for online sharing - $100


* Zoom consultation - wardrobe, space, and product guide

* 30-45 min session

* 1 outfit

* 3 artistically edited digital images and 3 matted fine art prints, ready to frame


* Zoom consultation - wardrobe, space, and product guide

* 45- 60 min session

* 2-3 outfits

* 6 artistically edited digital images and 6 matted fine art prints, ready to frame


* Zoom consultation - wardrobe, space, and product guide

* 45- 60 min session

* 1-3 outfits

* entire gallery - around 20 artistically edited digital images and 9 matted fine art prints, ready to frame, to be put on your wall or desk